Roberto Cavagnini is an artisan company, founded in 1999. From the union of master pewters. It was born from the need to pass on to future generations a style and material that has marked many eras.

There is an immense wealth of knowledge and skills in the ancient art of pewter processing: from the study of shapes to the attention to the smallest detail worked rigorously by hand in the laboratories of Ghedi in the province of Brescia.

And it is precisely here that the idea of making pewter interact with different materials was born: from crystal to fine wood to range into collections that include a range of unique products for the person and for the home. There are the most classic collections of sticks with the most original handles to the unforgettable and refined table services that convey all the intensity of past eras and glories.

Our production is totally made manually in our laboratories in Ghedi (BS) in ITALY.

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